Sodium Chlorite

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Bleaching is required to whiten the color of materials by removing the color of a material. Therefore, the bleaching agent is necessary to be used in the bleaching process. Sodium chlorite, one of the bleaching agents, is still used for the bleaching process in the textile and paper industry due to chlorine dioxide generation which is responsible for the color removal. Odor control in the aquatic environment is also able to be fulfilled by sodium chlorite. We provide sodium chlorite in different grades, quantities, and packaging for your market and industry solution.


Manufacturing Process

Sodium chlorite is obtained by the reduction of sodium chlorate using reducing agents such as sodium sulfite or sulfur dioxide. The intermediate from the reduction reaction is absorbed into aqueous sodium hydroxide and further converted into sodium chlorite.



Pulp and Paper

Sodium chlorite acts in a pulp bleaching process.



Sodium chlorite is used in the pulp and paper industry as a bleaching agent.


Water Treatment

Sodium chlorite in water treatment is used as a disinfectant to remove excess microorganisms that are not needed in the aquatic environment.


IUPAC Name : Sodium Chlorite

Chemical Formula : NaClO2

Cas No. : 7758-19-2

Appearance : White Crystalline Solid

HS Code : 2828.90.30

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