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Tradeasia International Pte. Ltd. always had a strong bond with basic industrial chemicals and its trading. We have a strong network with Asia Pacific, European Union and Middle East. We provide our customers not only quality product but also extended supply management services, product sourcing and price negotiating power.

Sodium chlorite

Sodium chlorite is a compound used for water disinfection and purification. It is produced in large quantities as flakes or a solution from chlorine dioxide and sodium hydroxide. Its use as a bleach for textiles was first discovered during the 1920s. Today, sodium chlorite is an important specialty chemical with sales over $18 million annually.

Sodium chlorite is a crystalline white powder and has a formula of NaClO 2 . It is stable, commercially available and serves as a strong oxidant. However, it can be lethal if consumed even of minute amount. In addition, it is difficult to burn but it accelerates the burning of organic substances and forms explosive mixtures with certain combustible materials. Sodium chlorite may explode under prolonged exposure to heat or fire. Read more ……